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Remote Revolution For many, the recent push to virtual production is partially due to the pandemic. The sudden shift to remote meant coming up with a different way to get work done fast. It required teams to work with new tools and adjust their creative workflows and pipelines. But virtual production is about more than just connecting virtually. It has uncovered several advantages that allow studios to build bigger, innovate more, and deliver high-quality results earlier in the process. 

Time and Cost Savings

For studios, virtual production saves time and money. Virtual scouting can eliminate travel time and additional expenses. Making creative decisions and revisions earlier in the process ensures that the right decisions can be made while actors are on set. This leads to cleaner takes and less rework.

Idea Iteration

Virtual production allows creatives to develop their vision earlier. This opens room for exploration by visualizing shots and environments before anyone steps foot on set. Iterating on their vision helps studios bring people together to create something out of this world.

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Enhanced Visibility Historically

filmmaking has been siloed. It wasn’t until the final release many saw the CGI graphics and re-edited storylines. But with virtual production, everyone can have a more complete understanding, from previs to post. Virtual cameras and green screen live compositing act as a window into virtual worlds so contributors can see exactly what they are capturing. LED walls show filmmakers and actors what the set they are on looks like both through their eyes and in-camera.

Quick On-Set Transitions

Using a virtual environment, teams can transition from one scene to the next without interrupting shooting. All of it is happening at one location! Digital assets can be changed up quickly, allowing filmmakers to shoot several scenes with the same actors. Also, in a virtual location, the filmmaker has full control over the weather, time of day, lighting, object position, and more. These conditions can be recreated at any time and are immediately available.

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Library of Assets

Virtual assets can utilize pre-built assets from existing libraries. They can quickly be customized to meet the needs of any production, without having to build from scratch. These virtual assets are stored electronically, reducing the cost of physical storage, transportation, and labor.

Global Collaboration

Virtual content can now be created by decentralized teams around the globe without delays. Now filmmakers can build up their teams with creatives and technical specialists no matter where they are located. The possibilities widen without increasing the cost.

Led wall production

Virtual Production Stage

Pre-configured LED Volume available for commercial use

Ideal for film and tv productions using the virtual production pipeline, commercials, test shoots,

interactive live streams

The latest generation of Virtual media servers power the virtual production studios. Complex real-time scenes run on RX render nodes all managed by VX machines. This advanced scalable solution has been specifically engineered for virtual production providing our clients with reliable hardware and software solution that integrates across both stages.



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